Administrative Services

Technical and administrative support services are provided to the Staff and the Commission through the Director of Administrative Services and from the direction of the Executive Director. These services include compiling data for and issuing annual reports as required by state statute. Financial data from all jurisdictional utilities are collected and reviewed. The division serves as a liaison between the Staff and federal and other state agencies and provides information to the public involving interpretation of agency policy on various utility subject matter. 

The division provides technical services and personnel in the development and operation of the ongoing automated Geographic Information System. A complete and current record of utilities' rates and tariffs are maintained. In addition, a library of utility reference material on current subjects and innovative trends in the utility industry is maintained. The Staff's central filing is maintained in accordance with a computer case tracking system. Overall, administrative support services are provided to all Staff divisions, the consuming public and public utilities.


  • Deputy Director - Jeff Lee
    jeff.lee [at] - 601-961-5489
  • GIS - Leif Mylroie
    leif.mylroie [at] -- 601-961-5421
  • Rate & Tariff Specialist - Tera Agee
    tera.agee [at] -- 601-961-5422
  • Staff Officer - Wayne Wilkinson
    wayne.wilkinson [at] -- 601-961-5481
  • Administrative Assistant - Elane Williams
    elane.williams [at] -- 601-961-5493