Telecom Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.   Who needs to get a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN)?
A. Generally, if you are offering services to the public for compensation you probably need authority from the MPSC. At this time, Local Exchange Companies (LEC), Competitive Local Exchange Companies (CLEC), Interexchange Companies (IXC), Resellers, Inmate Service Providers (ISP), and Alternate Operator Service Providers (AOS) need certification.
Q.   Are hearings required?
A. Applicants should assume a hearing may be necessary. However, in most cases a meeting/conference with Staff will negate the need for a hearing.
Q.   How long is the process?
A. Usually 60 – 90 days if everything is in order.
Q.   Is there a filing fee or attorney required?
A. No filing fee, but local counsel is needed to file your application.
Q.   Are samples available to assist in the filing of a CPCN?
A. Yes, contact the Executive Secretary of the MSPSC for information. The number is (601) 961-5434.
Q.   What state imposed surcharges are a LEC/CLEC required to collect?
A. 1. Dual Party Relay Surcharge - $.10/Access line

Remit Check to:
Regions Bank
Attn: Lorraine Bleakney
Dual Party Relay Service Trust
Foundations Trust
P.O. Box 23100
Jackson, MS 39225

Remit Mississippi Dual Party Fund Statement of Revenues (pdf) to:

Randy Tew
MS Public Utilities Staff
P.O. Box 1174
Jackson, MS 39215-1174

2. E-911 Training - $.05/Access Line

Remit check to:
State Tax Commission
1577 Springridge Rd.
Raymond, MS 39154

3. E-911 - $.80 or $1.00/Access line

Please contact the County E-911 Coordinator for the correct surcharge and remittance address for that County.
Q.   What reports are CLEC's required to file?
A. Annual Reports: These are to be filed with the Commission by May 1 of each year. All certified telecommunication providers are required to file this report.

Katherine Collier
Executive Secretary
Mississippi Public Service Commission
P.O. Box 1174
Jackson, MS 39215-1174