Electric and Gas

The Electric Gas Division of the Mississippi Public Utilities Staff provides investigative and advisory services to the Mississippi Public Service Commission on matters related to electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications. It reviews and investigates applications for certificates of public convenience and necessity for new territories or facilities, petitions to change rates, petitions to change service rules and other miscellaneous filings. This Division also periodically examines the financial records of the utilities to insure that only allowable, necessary and prudently incurred expenses are included in rates. Furthermore, it monitors the return on investment of regulated utilities to insure that their earnings fall within a reasonable range as determined by the Commission. This Division is also engaged in ongoing, year-round audits of fuel adjustment clauses and purchased gas adjustments of the major investor-owned utilities in the state. 


  • Division Director - Sam Mabry
    sam.mabry [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5457
  • Accountant - Cherish Woods
    cherish.woods [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5401
  • Accountant - Jeffrey Rhodes
    jeffrey.rhodes [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5809
  • Accountant - Parveen Kumar
    parveen.kumar [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5812
  • Accountant - Katherine Lanford
    katherine.lanford [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5407
  • Accountant - Daphonie Daniel
    daphonie.daniel [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5474
  • Accountant - Krista Godlwesky
    krista.godlewsky [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5472
  • Accountant - Lynnette Hearn
    lynnette.hearn [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5413
  • Administrative Assistant - Kendra Douglas
    kendra.douglas [at] mpus.ms.gov -- 601-961-5415